Impact Uganda


Jesus has sacrificially loved us, and we, in turn, are called to sacrificially love others. Especially those in need.  It is because of this basic truth that a group of about 30 people from Desert Springs Bible Church is heading to heading to Uganda for a two-week project working with Watoto Child Care Ministries.

Uganda is a developing country that has been torn apart by civil war and the AIDS pandemic. Many of the children there have no shoes, no food, no education, no home ,no family. This means that these children must rely on the generosity of strangers for their daily meals, clothing and development. There are an estimated two million orphaned children in Uganda and nearly half of these children are orphaned as a result of AIDS.

During our two weeks in Uganda, we will be part of a team working to build a house (for eight kids and a house “mom”) or a school room. This facility will be built in the Watoto Village which serves as a “community-based” orphanage for Ugandan children. Watoto (which means “children” in Swahili) is a holistic care program that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children as well as vulnerable women, in Africa. It is positioned to rescue an individual and raise them as a leader in their chosen sphere of life, so that they in turn will rebuild their nation. The Watoto model provides physical care, medical intervention (including HIV/AIDS treatment), education (formal and vocational), counseling and spiritual discipleship, and helps ensure emotional well-being.